I’ve been fighting with the insurance company for months now, what compensation can I recover?

This is often one of the hardest questions to answer because it seems patently unfair. Frequently, clients will ask me if they can sue the insurance company to recover for the struggles they have endured over the lengthy process of fighting for benefits.  It is not unusual for clients to spend several months, if not ...

Statute of Limitations

Previously, I did a video blog about the statute of limitations in ERISA cases.  Today, I wanted to provide a written blog post to further that discussion and provide some case law for Fourth Circuit practitioners.  As previously discussed, for a benefits claim, determining the statute of limitations can be a tricky subject.  However, the ...

On-Line Activity and Social Media

We’ve previously discussed on here multiple times the dangers and risks of using social media or having an on-line presence.  However, in these modern times, it is very hard not to have some type of on-line presence.  The Social Security Administration is currently looking into the possibility of monitoring disabled individuals’ social media.  The outcry ...


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