Coronavirus/COVID-19 Related Disability Claims

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Related Disability Claims

Our country is facing a new and very significant disease.  While the implications of it are far reaching, I expect that there will be a vast number of short term and long term disability claims related to Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Since the pandemic has hit the United States, I have been asked many questions about it, ...

December 2017 Approvals

I’m a little bit behind from the holidays in posting the approvals that we received at the end of last year, but please see the below list.  If you have a denial of benefits from any of the below insurance companies or have a similar medical condition and have been denied, please feel free to ...

October 2017 Appeal Approvals

Most of the disability cases that come to us are still in the appeal phase.  What that means is we have an administrative appeal that must be exhausted prior to filing a lawsuit in Federal District Court.  While I normally explain cases to potential clients, by giving them a worst case scenario, administrative appeals are ...


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