October 2017 Appeal Approvals

Most of the disability cases that come to us are still in the appeal phase.  What that means is we have an administrative appeal that must be exhausted prior to filing a lawsuit in Federal District Court.  While I normally explain cases to potential clients, by giving them a worst case scenario, administrative appeals are very frequently successful.  In other words, many of my clients’ cases do get approved on appeal.  Most of my blog posts normally focus on case law or lawsuits that we have won.  However, I’m going to start posting a brief summary of the cases that we get approved on appeal.  I do not do this to brag about my own victories, but, instead, to provide potential clients hope that their claims may be approved.  I very often talk to potential clients who think that their situation is hopeless and I would like to assure people that it is not.  There is always a chance that we can get you approved on appeal.  Therefore, please see the list below of the cases we have recently gotten approved.  I will update this list frequently from here on out.

Cigna Approval – neck pain, muscle weakness

Cigna Approval – back pain

Cigna Approval – fibromyalgia, COPD, chronic pain

Lincoln Approval – neuropathy and heart failure

Aetna Approval – coronary artery disease

Lincoln Approval – back pain

Cigna Approval – obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, depression

Sun Life Approval – fibromyalgia

Mutual of Omaha Approval – neck pain

Cigna Approval – back pain and foot drop due to nerve damage

Liberty Mutual Approval – back pain

MetLife Approval – hip pain

Prudential Approval – depression and anxiety

Unum Approval – depression and anxiety

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