The Importance of the Doctor’s Statement

A frequent issue that arises at the onset of ERISA claims is the ability of a client to get a statement from his or her treating physician to be used in support of the claim of disability. Getting a statement from your own doctor is a crucial step in the process. Moreover, the language in the Doctor’s Statement needs to include certain, very specific wording in order to be as effective as possible.

It can often be difficult to get an effective statement from your doctor; even in circumstances where he or she has been your primary physician for many, many years.  Some doctors do not feel comfortable providing such statements. Others may do so, but often are unaware of what language is necessary for the statement to be persuasive.

At the Foster Law Firm, we have communicated with thousands of physicians on behalf of our clients to attain the most effective statements possible. If you have been denied disability benefits, please do not hesitate to contact an attorney in the ERISA division of our firm.

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